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Foldable Insert Ideas December 21, 2008

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First I’d like to discuss cloth diapering terminology a bit. One thing every diaper needs is some sort of absorbent element. Generally, in the cloth diapering world, we refer to this part of diaper anatomy as the soaker pad, or  just the soaker. This is highly confusing due to the fact that pull-on water resistant diaper covers, to be worn over a non-waterproof diaper, are also refered to as soakers.

Pull on soakers can be made from fleece, wool or kintted yarn. Check out these  blog links for pics, explanations and free patterns for each:  (to sew) Katrina’s Sew Quick Soaker (to knit)   SnapDragon Soaker

Now, an absorbent soaker, on the other hand is something completely different. This is simply a pad of asorbent material, to be sewn in to/snapped in/ stuffed into a pocket/ or simply laid inside the diaper. It can be cut and sewn from a pattern, or just a folded piece of fabric. To ease confusion, I am taking it upon my self to rename this as the ABSORBENT INSERT. makes sense…self explanitory…feel free to join my campaign to rename.

Finally, we reach the point:

Here’s a few ideas for folding various types of absorbent inserts. Prepare to be blown away by my professional photography 😛

For Medium to Large size diapers

  • Flannel Receiving Blanket

Adsorbs great and you probably have a ton of them at home already


  • Prefold Diaper, Quad-folded

When a trifold is too long and/or too wide, try a quadfold


Shown stuffed into a medium CR pul pocket

  • Tri-folded Microfiber Towel

These super absorbent towels can be found in the automotive section of many stores. Should not be placed directly next to baby’s skin for long periods of time, as they tend to cause dry skin and irritation.


  • Tri-folded Microfiber Towel/Flannel Combo

A popular choice. Quik asorbing power of microfiber paired with cozy flannel.


In this example. the flannel layer was cut to the same size as the premade towel. Wrong sides were palced together and stitched around the perimiter, leaving a small hole for turning. Once turned inside out, perimiter was topstitched. A zig-zag stitch was used to seure into the trifold position. Snaps, for attachment to a diaper, were added through the bottom layer only.

For Newborn to Small size diapers

  • Corners in trifold

Shown here on a flannel receiving blanket


  • Corners in trifold

Shown here on a microfiber towel

Stuffed in a newborn pocket


One Response to “Foldable Insert Ideas”

  1. Andrea Says:

    This is great info. I have been researching cloth diapers for about six months and haven’t seen this anywhere else. Thank you! I got to your site from DSD btw 🙂

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