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Fitteds with ruffles March 7, 2009

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Are these cute or what?! The ruffled look is achieved with a modification to the elastic. Here’s how to do it:

– Baste stitch the perimeter of the outer diaper layer to another absorbent layer that will be hidden inside. I am using a flannel print outer and a recycled flannel sheet hidden layer in this example. The good side of your outter fabric should be facing out.

-Mark the elastic placement on the hidden layer as shown on the pattern, then move in about 3/4 inch toward the center of the diaper and mark again. Lay the pattern on top of the inner marks and trace the edge on to the fabric between the marks. (repeat for each elastic marking)

– To sew, position the elastic over the line and place under the presser foot with enough extra behind the foot to hold on to. Pull the elastic taught as you sew using a 3-step zigzag stitch directly ontop of the elastic and through both diaper layers.



-Now pin the elasticied layers to the inner diaper layer right sides in, pulling the elastic straight to align the edges.

-You will now turn and topstitch the layers, pulling the ealstic tight as you sew.

finished diaper


more finished pics on flickr


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